Horst Dornbusch is North America's leading beer raconteur. His lively beer talks, tastings, and seminars have entertained and enlightened audiences large and small, young and old, all across North America.

Let his sharp wit, satirical insights, cosmopolitan funny bone, and practical knowledge of one of the world's most popular topics, beer — its styles, history, production, social role, place at the table, and drinking culture — liven up the social program at your next ...

A BeerExperience with Horst Dornbusch is the perfect lubricant of social intercourse. His witty and entertaining narratives about beer — sometimes zany, sometimes informative, always surprising — make people laugh and bring them together.

After a long day of serious learning at a convention or conference, they provide a welcome diversion. At business gatherings, they create the ambience and atmosphere for making personal connections and building relationships. In hospitality establishments such as bars, pubs, clubs, restaurants, or hotels, they attract new or sustain old traffic.

BeerExperience with Horst Dornbusch is the ideal program for event and meeting planners, conference organizers, and hospitality professionals to consider. Agency inquiries welcome.

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Horst Dornbusch is a world renowned speaker, author, and publicist on beer — its cornucopia of styles, storied past, and role in our daily lives


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